Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

When Annie Sloan developed her unique decorative paint, Chalk Paint™, she revolutionised the world of decorative painting.  Frustrated with the lack of paint options available at the time, she created her own signature paint – with its remarkable versatility and ease of use – for everyone from the novice to the professional to enjoy.  Annie developed her now famous Chalk Paint™ in 1990 in answer to the need she had for a versatile paint which would have many uses.  She chose the name ‘Chalk Paint™’ because it was suggestive of its very matt - almost chalky - finish.

Chalk Paint™ adheres to most surfaces and creates gorgeous results quickly and easily.  Use it for a textured or distressed finish, a smooth contemporary look or even a wash.  It very rarely requires any preparation, such as sanding or priming and can be used indoors or outside on just about any surface – from timber to metal, and matt plastic to terracotta.  It can revitalise old furniture, walls, ceilings and floors with ease and can even be used on fabric.  Its easy, fun and makes amazing results accessible to everyone.

With a colour palette inspired by 18th and 20th Century décor and design you can easily mix the colours together to extend the range.  Add a little water to make it smooth, thicken it up by leaving the lid off and make it into a wash by adding even more water.  Use flat brushes for a smooth look or bristle brushes for a more textured aged look.

Chalk Paint™ is non-toxic, water-based, contains no lead, has very low volatile organic compounds (‘VOCs’) and has no odour – the aim is to make all products as eco-friendly as possible.

Chalk Paint™ Wax is the perfect partner for Chalk Paint™.  It is used for protection and durability and to give a beautiful mellow finish to painted furniture, cabinets and walls.  You can easily apply one or two coats of Chalk Paint™ Wax with a brush or cloth.  It can be used to touch up any marks and is water-repellent too.

“There’s no need for tiresome priming and sanding . . . you can get straight to the fun bit” says Annie.  

Why not rejuvenate your old tired furniture or family heirloom and make it beautiful again to bring it into alignment with your current interior décor and enjoy it for many more years to come.