Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds
Roller blinds are a sleek, minimalistic alternative for window-furnishings and are
compatible with almost any décor, creating a flawless backdrop for showing off art or
furniture. This is true especially in modern homes which have huge windows and
very little wall space for drawing back drapes. They are available in a wide variety of
fabrics which can screen, filter or block out the light.
They are a cost-effective option which offer exceptional value over their lifetime.
Their simple elegance means they don’t need to be upgraded with every new design
trend especially if you select a neutral colour. Automation is becoming more popular
and is especially great for those hard to reach windows. They can be hard wired
electronically into your home but can also be installed without needing an electrician
with some wonderful re-chargeable motors on the market. Imagine operating all your
blinds at the touch of a button.
Blockout fabrics provide darkness and night-time privacy and are available in a
range of monochromatic colours and contemporary textures while light filtering
fabrics are a wise choice if you need both light and daytime privacy. These come in
a range of opacities, colours and textures.
Sunscreen blinds allow you to see out of the window during the day whilst the woven
mesh fabric is designed to block UV rays and control solar energy, effectively
reducing the amount of glare or heat transmitted into your home through the
windows. They will prevent your soft furnishings from fading while offering a degree
of daytime privacy from your neighbours or street traffic - so long as there is enough
light on the outside of your home. At night with your lights on they will operate in
reverse so beware that you will lose your privacy.
If you require both day and night-time privacy there is an option to install a twin
bracket which offers the ability to have both a sunscreen blind and a blockout blind in
the same window. These blinds operate independently.
Roller blinds are easily fitted onto the architraves of almost all windows and when
they are not required they roll up to be a most unobtrusive window treatment.