Wallpaper Boråstapeter

Wallpaper Boråstapeter
WALLPAPER NOW IN STOCK at Waitaki Interiors, only $99 per roll.
Eco friendly wallpaper from timeless classics to new trends, the Borosan Easy Up collection has wallpaper for all rooms and styles. Borastapeter are passionate about creating new patterns and colour compositions. And best of all, they are as easy to hang as they are to like. Be inspired and find the perfect wallpapers for your home.
  Borosans aesthetic appeal lies in its wide range of designs. The great richness of variety means the collection enhances an array of interior design styles. Choose from graphic expressions with a nature-inspired theme, single-coloured wallpapers or decorating floral motifs.
  All wallpapers effectively cover the existing surface, so there is no need to paint walls before wallpapering. Plus, as the name suggests, it is quick and easy to put up.
  Boråstapeter is a modern company that takes an active approach to sustainability, from idea right through to the finished product. When you choose wallpapers from Boråstapeter, you are choosing non -toxic, environmentally friendly wallpapers made in their own factory just outside the textile city of Borås, Sweden. Borastastapter own the treatment works and all waste is used to power district heating. Production is completely without hazardous substances with the least possible environmental impact. All paints are water-based and paper is sourced from FSC certified sustainable forestry in Northern Europe
  High quality Swedish production and a strong commitment to sustainability makes it easy to understand why design professionals and style conscious individuals have chosen Borosan since 1956. “Its versatile, functional, beautiful and wonderful to work with” says Sherry Howard, Interior Designer, Waitaki Interiors